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Maxeda increases competitive advantage by monitoring the tracking architecture in real-time.

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Maxeda DIY Group is market leader in DIY retailing in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg with its brands Praxis, Brico and BricoPlanit. With millions of customers and over 70.000 products Maxeda has the ambition to continously improve the customer experience. Its strategy consists of five growth engines, one of which is Digital & Data Intelligence.

The challenge

Strategic decision making, running online marketing campaigns and effective data activation relies solely on trustworthy data.

The different websites of Maxeda get frequent updates and each new release can potentially endanger correct data tracking due to misfiring tags or a corrupt dataLayer.

Errors are usually discovered after a while when the damage to the data quality already has been done.

A lot of manual work is involved in testing the digital analytics implementations after new releases. This takes a lot of time, is error-prone, only covers a minimal set of tests, and is not repeated very often.

More than just peace of mind

“In order to assure data quality, it is crucial to instantly detect and solve any misfiring tag or a malfunctioning dataLayer. Proactive monitoring of our tracking setup brings us not just peace of mind, it gives us a significant competitive advantage.”

Jeroen Bultje / Manager Digital Development at Maxeda DIY Group

The solution

Maxeda wants to be sure not to miss any valuable transaction- and other data in their marketing- or analytics tools and decided to implement Code Cube’s Tag Monitor and dataLayer Guard.

The Tag Monitor sends an alert within minutes if any tag malfunctions and the DataLayer Guard monitors the dataLayer in real time and ensures reliable tracking.

Due to Code Cube’s proactive real-time monitoring, errors are now detected immediately before significant damage to the data and campaign performance is done.

The cause and root of errors are immediately known without the need for lengthy further investigation and time consuming communication between stakeholders.


Within two weeks of using Code Cube the tools proved to be extremely valuable already.

On a Tuesday afternoon around 1pm a “tag inactvity warning” was sent to Maxeda’s agency and an internal stakeholder. The GA4 purchase tag did not fire on and A quick check showed that the relevant dataLayer events were missing after deploying a new version of the websites and an immediate rollback was requested from the development team.

The issue was solved in a matter hours with hardly any missing revenue and no need to pause any campaigns. Moreover customers who made a purchase were not mistakingly exposed to annoying and irrelevant retargeting ads.

Code Cube’s real-time monitoring tools instantly saved valuable resources and money.

DataLayer Guard

Protect your valuable
marketing data

A reliable dataLayer is fundamental for reliable website tracking. Be sure you’re not missing any data and have peace of mind when it comes to collecting data.