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Complete and correct marketing data is no longer an utopia with Code Cube

Within any organisation, data is the foundation for strategic decisions, solving problems and assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. However, some of the data is incorrect and inaccurate, and a much larger portion is not available at all, simply because that data is not measured.

The increasing dependence on data requires solutions that facilitate real-time monitoring of data flows. This was confirmed again during the DDMA Digital Analytics Summit by Steen Rasmussen, authority in the field of digital analytics and data.

Reliable tracking is the foundation of any data-driven strategy and that is why Relevant Online from Utrecht has started a new company. Under the name Code Cube, several SaaS products have been developed for real-time monitoring of data tracking.

Online businesses depend on data to stay relevant and competitive. Large budgets are invested in data architecture, site performance, data processing, analysis and activation. “However, one vulnerable aspect is often overlooked and unmonitored; the different components in the process of data collection. In recent years, we have helped several large companies with tailor-made solutions to tackle this problem”, says Wout Smelt.

Co-founder of Code Cube Suze Löbker adds: “It was time to translate our experiences with various custom solutions into a toolbox for a much broader target group. Every provider of online services and products – large or small – is affected by developments that make tracking more difficult and which affect site performance. It’s not just about ITP and ad blockers, but also about the continued growth in the number of tags and code needed for the numerous marketing technologies.”

“It is our mission to unburden companies and give them peace of mind regarding day-to-day data and development issues. In addition to e-commerce websites, we also explicitly focus on agencies as partners. They will immediately recognize the challenges and benefit from the Tag Manager Monitor, dataLayer Guard and Sitespeed Monitor to understand the effect of campaigns and conversion optimization efforts.” says Harm Linssen.

Because the challenges are global, the entrepreneurs hope to appeal to a large group of potential users, both nationally and internationally, with the products. Suze Löbker will take on the daily management in collaboration with Wout Smelt and Harm Linssen, the founders of Relevant Online.