Tag Monitor

Realtime monitoring of
tags & conversions

With realtime tag monitoring, you have complete visibility over the performance
of every tag and conversion whether it is broken or not.

tag monitor

Tag Monitor detects errors before you do

Tag Monitor is your safeguard to stop code from messing up your data collection or website performance. The solution monitors how all of your tags are loaded and how data is collected across every browser and device. You gain real-time insight when an error is encountered in any of your tags. 

Do you have questions about the Tag Monitor? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions or schedule a demo.

Safeguard your tags and be sure not to lose any valuable data.

It’s easy. Tags are the center of all your marketing efforts, they are vital for your retargeting, audience building and web analytics.

Make sure you don’t miss any valuable transaction- and other data in your marketing- or analytics tools and prevent any tag from breaking your website. Be alerted in minutes if and when a tag malfunctions.

Client-side error monitoring

By identifying and addressing issues proactively, you can improve the quality of your data and enhance your marketing efforts.

The Tag Monitor simplifies the process by quickly detecting and addressing common issues, including:

  • Missing parameters
  • Tag load time errors
  • Tag configuration errors
  • Errors detected in the endpoint

Frequently asked questions

If you need answers to additional questions beyond Tag Monitor implementation, explore our comprehensive FAQ page for more information.

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Are issues checked in real-time or based on scans with an interval?

Real-time but if that is not preferred we can also sample it if necessary.

Some tags that slow down my website are “as is” provided by our technology partners. What can I do to avoid being alerted?

We can set different thresholds or modify the alerting based on your requirements.

A specialised technical agency can in some cases help you to overcome slow tags for example by implementing them server side. We can get you in touch with such agencies and our representatives that are skilled in this matter.

Does the Tag Monitor influence the site speed?

For the Tag Manager Monitor we have to install a small script. The impact on the loading time is minimal because the script is only executed for a random sample of your traffic usually 5 or 10%.
The Tag Monitor
requests are around 400B. This is about the same size, or even slightly smaller than Facebook (700B) or Google Ads (602B). For 90 to 95% of the visits the loading time will be the same.

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