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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand Code Cube better, we’ve compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).For any additional questions please get in contact.

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DataLayer Guard

Does the DataLayer Guard distinguish between mobile/desktop and different browsers?

Making a distinction between different device types and browsers is definitely possible.

Are interaction events also monitored with the dataLayer Guard?

Yes this unique feature allows you to check for example the shopping cart and the order process by entering scenarios.

Can I make changes myself to the setup in case the dataLayer blueprint changes?

Changes can be made easily by you, your marketing agency or any of our partners via the portal.

Does the dataLayer Guard influence the site speed?

No, the dataLayer Guard does not require any JavaScript, pixels or whatsoever to be added to your site.

We built our own agent/browser that simulates a visit which has the same impact as any other average visitor has.

Sitespeed Monitor

What is the advantage compared to the tools I am already using?
  • The monitoring is real-time and provides one objective view for marketing and IT.
  • Unlike manual checks there is zero impact of browser- and device type or the network used.
  • Insights for SEO: Real User Metrics and Core Web Vitals.
  • Insights for IT: Insight in every single JavaScript, CSS and HTML element on your website.
  • Receive access to the raw dataset.

  • Combine the raw data with other data sources like Google Analytics or your back-end.

  • Does the Sitespeed Monitor influence the site speed?

    No, the Sitespeed Monitor does not require any script to be added to your site. We built our own agent/browser that simulates a visit which has the same impact as any other average visitor has.

    Tag Monitor

    Are issues checked in real-time or based on scans with an interval?

    Real-time but if that is not preferred we can also sample it if necessary.

    Some tags that slow down my website are “as is” provided by our technology partners. What can I do to avoid being alerted?

    We can set different thresholds or modify the alerting based on your requirements.

    A specialised technical agency can in some cases help you to overcome slow tags for example by implementing them server side. We can get you in touch with such agencies and our representatives that are skilled in this matter.

    No action is needed when tags or triggers are added or removed from the tag manager?

    Yes that is true. Nothing needs to be done the Tag Monitor continues working and will check the new tags and triggers as soon as they are published.

    Does the Tag Monitor influence the site speed?

    For the Tag Manager Monitor we have to install a small script. The impact on the loading time is minimal because the script is only executed for a random sample of your traffic usually 5 or 10%.
    The Tag Monitor
    requests are around 400B. This is about the same size, or even slightly smaller than Facebook (700B) or Google Ads (602B). For 90 to 95% of the visits the loading time will be the same.

    Does the Tag Monitor work via an API?

    Yes that’s right for Google Tag Manager. In case of other Tag Containers we cannot always use an API and use a different implementation.

    Does the Tag Monitor work within our app too?

    Yes, if you use Google Tag Manager for mobile apps, it will be also monitored by Code Cube’s Tag Monitor.

    Common Questions

    What insights does Code Cube provide and what can I do with them?
  • The Tag Manager and dataLayer Guard alert you when your data quality is at risk.
  • The Sitespeed Monitor alerts you when your sitespeed, user experience and SEO ranking are at risk.

    Your developer or agency partner can explain the implications depending on the nature of the error.

    To solve technical issues, you might need a specialised technical agency. On request we can get you in touch with one of our experienced agency partners.

  • Do I need developer time to implement?

    No. Code Cube is extremely easy to implement within 10 minutes.

    Is Code Cube GDPR compliant?

    Yes. We do not store any data of your visitors, we just simulate a visit.

    How can I contact you?

    You can contact us via the contact form on the website or

    Are you already a customer or partner? Please email to

    Common Product Questions

    Are issues checked in real-time or based on scans with an interval?

    Real-time but if that is not preferred we can also sample it.

    How many and which pages will be monitored?

    We determine a subset of pages together including all page types and the complete funnel.

    Is it true I do not need trigger checks manually, for example after a major release?

    Yes that is true. Manual checks are no longer needed as Code Cube is always on without any human interaction.

    How will I be alerted if there is an error?

    Depending on your subscription you will be alerted within minutes via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and/or Google Chat.

    Can alerts be limited, for example to one overview per day or per week?

    We usually set a threshold of 5% on some tags in order to receive not too many messages. The percentage can be changed at any time.

    Also it is possible to receive a daily, or weekly periodical overview summary.

    In the Premium subscriptions you offer access to the raw data set. What does it mean?

    It is a normalized real-time dataset (a log of all fired tags with associated timestamp, number of hits) ideal for reporting. We would not recommend using this for alerting because you have extra Points-of-Failure.

    Usually we make a link between the Google Cloud Platform BigQuery dataset and your own Google Cloud Platform project. This gives you the most control over the data. There are also other possibilities depending on your architecture.

    Plans & Subscriptions

    Are there any setup / implementation fees?

    Yes, we charge a small implementation fee which can be found under the subscription type at the bottom of each product page.

    This fee is not covering our costs to set up your account but shows your commitment regarding the desire to use our services.

    How long do I commit?

    The duration of the subscription depends on the offer chosen. In most cases the duration is one month.

    Can I upgrade or downgrade / switch plans at any time?

    Of course you can. Please send an email to and we will process your request. The changes should take effect within one month.

    How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel at any time with one month’s notice by sending an email to The email should state which modules and per which date you want to cancel. Within 24 working hours you will receive an email from us confirming the cancelation.

    The cancelation will only come into effect if there are no invoices overdue.

    Pricing and Billing

    What kinds of payment do you accept?

    We accept bank transfers, all major credit cards and Paypal.

    We also offer local payment systems (so called bank redirects) like:

  • Ideal
  • Bancontact
  • giropay
  • EPS
  • PayNow
  • BLIK

  • Can I pay quarterly or yearly?

    Yes, you can pay also per 3, 6 or 12 months.

    Are there any overage fees?

    No there aren’t. It is also not possible to overuse as each subscription time has its maximum quotas for usage.