Exciting news! Code Cube introduces anomaly detection in its Tag Monitor!

Code Cube’s has officially taken Tag Monitoring to the next level with an important upgrade – anomaly detection.

This major enhancement marks a change from the traditional way of tracking tag inactivity issues through static rules. Instead, an advanced AI model is used which is designed to identify anomalies in tag behaviour. Anomalies, simply put, are events, items, or actions that deviate from the normal-, expected behaviour in data. Anomalies based on AI models detect and alert you about irregularities.

The model is taking many more variables into account than is possible manually with a set of static rules. For example, the model takes seasonality and holidays into account, so the model gives different outliers per hour, day or month. When sudden unexpected increases or decreases for a specific tag happen, the system alerts you via mail, Slack or Teams.

Why is this upgrade important for me?

1. Issues will be identified proactively
You will now be able to detect irregularities in real-time and you can address issues before they impact your campaigns.

2. You can say goodbye to false positives
Our AI-driven approach reduces misidentifications, delivering more accurate data for informed decision-making.

3. Let the technology work for you.
Anomaly Detection eliminates the need for manual data examination, allowing you to concentrate on optimising your marketing strategy.

What is the difference with the previous Tag Inactivity model?

Dynamic Thresholds for Tag Activity
With static rules there are fixed thresholds which trigger alerts. Potentially this leads to false positives. With the new Anomaly Model the thresholds adjust dynamically based on learned behaviour, accurately detecting anomalies.

Adaptive Response to Seasonal Changes
With static rules the system struggles to adapt for example to seasonal variations, resulting in inconsistent alerts. The new Anomaly Model however recognizes patterns and adjusts for seasonal changes, ensuring contextually relevant alerts.

With anomaly detection we monitor all outliers and exceptions for all your tags. Based on the AI model the expected number of requests is predicted over time – you will be alerted about all tags that fire other than expected.

The old model was based on static rules; you would be notified when for example a specific tag would completely stop firing.

What should I do?

Do you already have an active advanced or premium Tag Monitor licence for your domain? In that case we will automatically activate this new model for you and no action is required.

If you do not yet take advantage of the benefits of monitoring your tags, this is a good moment to start. Having peace of mind about your tagging is only one click away. Just get in touch with us here.