April’s monthly update

We’re happy to enter the spring with some exciting updates and new features. Got suggestions? We’re all ears.
Let us know what you think, we love your input!

Proud to welcome new customers and partners 💪🏼

Our journey of innovation and growth continues… Leading companies like Agradi, Allekabels, HEMA, Independer, and Kees Smit Tuinmeubelen are taking control of their data with Code Cube’s data tracking monitoring solutions.

Understanding the importance of monitoring, leading agencies like Adwise, Adresults, Grain Data Consultants, GroupM, iClicks and Netvlies have recently partnered with Code Cube.

Better insights with the Tag Monitor dashboard 📊

We’ve been busy making your Tag Monitor even more helpful! Here’s what’s new.

Tag ID available in dashboard
Do not all tags have the ‘Tag name’ metadata setting enabled in your Tag Manager container? No worries, Code Cube will now show you the Tag ID in the dashboard, ensuring you don’t miss any relevant insights here.

Hourly & daily error analysis
Dive deeper with the ability to analyze errors by the hour or for the last 24 hours. This lets you pinpoint issues quickly and confirm if they’ve been resolved.

These updates make it easier than ever to gain valuable insights from your Tag Monitor and keep your tags firing smoothly.

Tag Anomaly is live! 🚀

Great news! Tag Anomaly, part of the Tag Monitor, is now available for implementation by all clients.

This new feature was presented in our latest newsletter and we are now ready to bring this feature into production.

Unlike the previous rule-based and statistical models, our new AI-driven approach brings a new level of monitoring. It detects irregularities in tag firing patterns effortlessly and enhances the reliability of your analytics. Embrace a smarter, more intuitive way to monitor your tags.

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